Month: June 2018

Hartford Time Switch Donation

June 21, 2018

Marcus Bush of Houston, Texas recently donated a Model 1909 Hartford Time Switch to the museum. The switch was restored to function by Wayne Denton of Santa Fe, Texas, and delivered to the museum on Wednesday, June 6. Bush and Denton are members of the 139th Chapter of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. The 139th also restored and donated the museum’s Seth Thomas Model 2 clock in the West Ticket Office.

Mechanical time switches turn electricity on and off through a timer. The clockwork inside the switch moves a copper arm to complete or break a circuit at preprogrammed times. Hartford switches were prized for their reliability, and for the fact that they only had to be wound once per week. Given their durability, this model was popular with railroad companies. We will use this switch to power the museum’s railroad signal displays in the depot.

C.T. Burgess Conductor Exhibit

June 20, 2018

In April, the museum received an excellent example of a Santa Fe conductor’s uniform, originally worn by C.T. “Cat Track” Burgess. The donors also provided funds and labor to build an exhibit for the uniform.

Burgess worked for the Santa Fe railroad out of Amarillo, Texas. In his 33 years of work, he never once called in sick. Come see the display next time you visit the museum!

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