Month: July 2020

Shawn Morrison Begins Guided Tours at the Museum This Weekend

July 28, 2020

Shawn Morrison

On Saturday, August 1st, Ms. Shawn Morrison will begin leading guided tours at the Museum as a docent. Morrison is a longtime railfan and current AP Human Geography Teacher at Ball High School in Galveston. There will be a special before hours tour for Railroad Museum members only at 9:00 am, and a public tour for visitors at 1:00 pm. The public tour will be available every Saturday, and the before hours tour will be on the first Saturday of the month.

The Museum is excited to have Ms. Morrison aboard. Shawn has a Bachelor’s of History and Literature, and a Master’s of History, both from the University of Houston – Clear Lake. While she is an avid student of history, Morrison wants to use the tours as a vehicle to discuss the present and future of American Railroading. Expect to hear a healthy mix of museum history, discussions on high-speed rail, and her own experiences riding the rails (ask about her childhood run-in with the Stasi on a train in East Germany).

Want to pitch in? Morrison will hold a training session for docents on August 29th at 9:00 am in the Museum’s Map Room. Call the Museum at (409) 765-5700 or e-mail us at to reserve your spot. Training is free, but space is limited!

BNSF donates locomotive to Museum

July 23, 2020

Last month, the BNSF donated one of its locomotives, BNSF 2127 (s/n 37443), to the Galveston Railroad Museum.

BNSF donates

The 2127 was built by EMD in February, 1971 for the Frisco Railroad, who numbered it #650. Burlington Northern bought the Frisco and renumbered the engine 2127, the number it kept after BN merged with ATSF in 1995.

2127 is a somewhat rare version of the classic GP-38 road switcher, the GP-38AC. The GP-38ACs were practically the same as the regular GP-38, except they feature a more powerful alternator that allows it to haul more cars. They were only produced between 1970 and 1971, when the more common GP-38-2 came online.

Over 3000 GP-38s of all types have been built, but surprisingly few have made their way to railroad museums. This is because they are still in service with shortline railroads across the United States.

Many thanks to BNSF for the donation!

Museum’s Gift Shop Has Treasures for You!

July 18, 2020

gift shop

Our Gift Shop Manager, Lanette, has long been known for her outstanding offerings at the Galveston Railroad Museum’s Gift Shop. Whether it is toys for children, badges and pins for collectors, or railroad memorabilia for railfans, guests can always find something perfect.

Caps, train sets or teddy bears can all be the perfect end to a wonderful day visiting the museum.

Give Lanette a call at (409) 765-5700 x 101 or email if you have questions or want to know more about this Melissa & Doug classic wooden train set or one of these adorable bears.

Bonnie Brook arrives in Galveston

July 17, 2020

The 1949 private train car Bonnie Brook has arrived at the Museum!

The Bonnie Brook is a round end, light weight car built in 1949 for the New York Central. It went into private service in 1964, and was used by Jackie Gleason to travel between New York and Miami for shooting The Jackie Gleason Show.

The car is currently being prepared for exhibition, and will soon be available for tours. Model CJ Reese and photographer Katie Haukebo were at the museum in June to capture these stunning shots of the restored Bonnie Brook.

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