marine compound engine

Marine Compound Engine Now On Display

The museum staff has been busy cleaning and instituting policies to keep our guests, staff and volunteers safe. Read more about our Covid-19 policies.

The museum now has its Marine Compound Engine mounted for display in the Garden of Steam. John Mosley built the base for it, and delivered it via forklift on July 18th. Farmers Copper Works brought over the forklift and installed it.

The engine was originally donated to the museum by Bucko Thompkins in 1981, but was never put on display. Thompkins also donated the museum’s Case Steam Tractor, Gumbo Buster, and several other stationary steam engines.

Now that the engine is back at the museum, staff is researching the history of the engine. We will also wire brush and paint the engine back its original green and red paint scheme. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

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