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March Rail Find

Ever wonder who directs traffic from sea to port? Keeping the waterway and railway freeways running smoothly, and on time, is the Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA).

The Port Terminal Railroad Association, founded in 1924. The association provides access to the industries along the Ship Channel for railroads entering Houston.

Straddling both sides of the Houston Ship Channel, the PTRA services 226 local customers from 7 serving yards. They maintain 154 miles of track and 20 bridges.

The PTRA has the capacity to handle numerous commodities including chemicals, grain, plastic, coke, fuel, steel, food products, industrial products, intermodal, dimensional loads and autos, all transported by sea to trains.

Rail Finds is a monthly peek into the museum’s collection – some never seen, some rare, and some simply passed by. A dedicated window in the train depot will be used to rotate artifacts for all to enjoy.

Volunteers are welcome to sign up to deep dive into railcars and closets to assist with our ongoing treasure hunt. Call or email to sign up.