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Passenger Cars

Bonnie Brook

Completed in June 1949 by the Budd Company, the luxurious Bonnie Brook served the NewYork Central Railroad. It was part of the New England States train between Boston and Chicago for many years and was used regularly by celebrities such as Jackie Gleason. Read more about the Bonnie Brook.

Center for Transportation and Commerce sleeper Donald E. Harper Jr.

Built in 1954 for Canadian National, it features 8 roomettes, 4 double bedrooms, as well as open sleeping space.

Southern Dining Car #3305

The Budd Company built this streamlined dining car in 1949, and it served on the Southern Railroad’s streamlined trains Crescent, Tennessean, Southerner, and Royal Palm. It is available for rent as a birthday party venue.

Center for Transportation and Commerce Coaches George H. Gould and Alonzo H. Harter

Built by Budd in 1952 for the Pennsylvania Railroad, these cars operated on the Pennsy’s Congressional and Senator trains. These cars are Amtrak certified and are pulled by the museum’s Warbonnets on annual excursions and during The Polar Express™ train rides.

Center for Transportation and Commerce Dining Car City of Galveston

A 34 seat dining car built by Budd in 1948 for the Santa Fe Railroad. It operated on the Texas Chief, and frequently ran out of this very depot before transferring to Amtrak service. The museum acquired the car from Amtrak, and now runs it on our annual excursion trains, and during The Polar Express™ train rides.

Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Observation Car #302 Silver Hours

Silver Hours is a combined diner and observation car built in 1940. It served on the CB&Q line until 1968, and was donated to the museum by the South Texas Railroad Historical Society in 1984. It is available for rent as a birthday party venue.

Glen Fee Sleeping Car

Glen Fee is one of the last remaining cars from the American Freedom Train of 1947. The American Freedom Train carried important documents such as the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Emancipation Proclamation around the 48 states. Glen Fee’s role was to house the Marine honor guard that traveled with the train.

Pullman Observation Car Robert E. Lee

This observation car was built in 1924 and originally named Mt. Darwin. It left general Pullman service in 1961, and was eventually acquired by the Oregon, Pacific, & Eastern Railroad changed its name for commercial film purposes. The museum acquired it in 1978. It features a large sitting area in the back of the car, as well as 20 beds for passengers.


This palace/business car was specially built for the editor of the Washington Evening Post, John Palmer Gavit. Gavit used it as a private railcar, and hosted noted dignitaries including Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Sir Winston Churchill.

Illinois Central Rail Post Office Car #100

Pullman built this post office car in 1914, remaining in service as late as 1968. Post office cars were vital to railroads, as carrying mail was the only way to make passenger service profitable by the late 20th century. After leaving rail service, this car starred in the 1998 film The Newton Boys.

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