Die- Cast Pull-Back Train Set 5 Piece


Alloy Retro Steam Train Toy Kit Die-Cast Pull Back Simulation Steam Train Model Toys

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Children will have a blast playing with these wonderfully fun trains. 2 Kids can couple and de-couple the carriages, rearranging their order and number depending on the game being played. Give space to their creativity as they explore the Old West with this classic trains, playing at conductor, train driver, engineer, passenger, transportation magnate, sheriff or bandit! Untold fantasies will unfold on your living room floor! 3 The multitude of colors are very enticing to children, and will ignite their creativity and imagination! SPECIFICATION: Name: Steam Train Toy Function: Pull back Item Dimensions: 2.76 x 0.91 x 1.18 inches Color: Multicolor Scale: 1:60 Weight: 0.18 lb(85 g)/pack Recommended Age: 3+