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Washed Ashore Project

Brodie the Adelie Penguin

The Galveston Railroad Museum welcomes Brodie to the railyard.  From the Washed Ashore family of sculptures now on view at various Island locations, Brodie brings the message of the importance of environmental mindfulness to protect our precious marine life. We invite you to visit us at 2602 Santa Fe Place to see Brodie and read the informative story board at his side.

Fun & Useful Facts

Adelie Penguin fun facts:
– Some migrations have been recorded as long as 10,940 miles
– The nests are made of rocks that the males construct

Ideas to reduce plastic debris:
– Stop buying single-use water bottles
– Stop using plastic bags – bring your own reusable bag
– Reuse the plastic bags you do have for packing, another shopping trip, picking up after pets
– Participate or organize beach & river cleanups

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