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Kandace Trujillo to Speak on Battleship Texas

 Kandace Trujillo, Vice President, Education, Visitation, and Special Events, Battleship Texas Foundation, will present “Introduction to the Battleship Texas,” Saturday, July 15, 2 pm, in the mini-theater, at the Galveston Railroad Museum, 2602 Santa Fe Place. The public is invited to attend. 

 Centered on the current exhibit “Traveling on a City at Sea: The Story of the Battleship Texas” now on display at the Galveston Railroad Museum, Trujillo will provide an overview of the ship’s history and current restoration efforts. A collaboration between the museum and Texas Parks and Wildlife, the exhibit provides a chronological account of the famous vessel and display of rarely seen memorabilia and documents held by the State of Texas. gatekeeper for the collection. The exhibit is curated by Amanda Carter, Curator, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

Following the presentation, visitors will have the opportunity to study the exhibit comprised of photographs, signed documents, crew experiences, and personal effects from the ship. A closeup of how the crew lived aboard and their visits ashore, battle sequences, and dining service pieces for crew and dignitaries are focal to the display that covers a broad spectrum of history.

The last remaining dreadnought battleship that fought in both World War I and World War II, The Texas participated in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, and was at D-Day, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima, participating in Operations Torch, Overlord-Neptune, Detachment, Iceberg and Magic Carpet Ride.  

In world War I the crew was a little over 1,000 men; during World War II the Texas’ crew grew to 1800 men. As a US Navy ship from 1914 – 1948, TEXAS sailed 728,000 miles ranging across the globe, going as far north as Iceland and as far south as Chile. She is the first memorial battleship, and this exhibit is her story.

Trujillo’s presentation will include a question-and-answer opportunity for inquiries. Humanities Texas, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Moody Bank, Dr. John Bertini, and Bill Mattson sponsor the exhibit and presentation. 

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